What is The Road?

You were created for a unique purpose.

The Road encourages, equips and empowers people to live life to the fullest through a series of interactive weekend sessions. We provide tools to overcome emotional damage from the past and/or present, as well as face future challenges in life.

Our weekend experiences provide life-changing guidance for those wanting to improve their lives in any of these areas:

  • Broken/damaged family relationships
  • Healthier marriages
  • Personal addictions or damaging habits
  • Comfort zones and/or mindsets that keep you stuck
  • Establishing your dreams and identifying your purpose
  • Critical and painful events from the past that are holding you back

There are no long lectures or burdensome notes to take. Through participating in experiential drills and games, you will discover things for yourself. We respect all belief systems and accept you for who you are and what you believe. Our workshops are designed to help each person discover and then achieve what is missing in their life. We offer an experience of self-discovery that will last a lifetime! Live on purpose with purpose!


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To discover and then achieve what is missing in your life


How does your relationship with others, past and present influence your life today? Identify roadblocks in your life. Evaluate yourself – where you’ve been and what’s holding you back. Gain a powerful tool to overcome anger and resentment. Learn how to eliminate self-defeating areas of your life to find out who you truly are and begin to live in the freedom of the real you.

  • April 7-9
  • June 2-4
  • July 21-23
  • August 25-27
  • October 6-8


What is your part and role in your relationships and are you carrying guilt and shame that are jeopardizing them? Rebuild your most important and most powerful relationship. Learn how to change your past from being a “victim” to being a “victor”. Gain the tool to use daily to remind yourself of who you really are.

  • April 27-30
  • June 22-25
  • August 3-6
  • September 14-17
  • October 19-22

PART 3: Your Purpose

Recognize how milestones in life can build you. Learn how to set healthy boundaries with hinges that you to control. Do you know what your purpose is? Discover what gifts you were created with to walk into your purpose with hope and confidence for the future.

  • April 7-9
  • June 23-25
  • September 15 - 17
  • November 3 - 5
American Heroes

Discounts for US Military & First Responders

All U.S. Military Personnel and All First Responders (Active or Veterans) can attend all three weekends of The Road for FREE!

Spouses also go for free.


Life Changing Stories

New found freedom

“I never expected to walk away feeling healed, complete, loved, fulfilled & free. The Road has done for me what YEARS of therapy and alcohol abuse never could. I am validated, I am purposed, I am free to be me!” - Michelle R.

Becoming real

“I was able to become a kid again. I can take risks. I can actually live. I became honest with myself and others and am now living as a woman who is worthy, authentic, and cherished.” - Mikaella B.


“Before The Road I was angry and would put up defense walls and shelter myself. It helped me to turn my life around, to be more trusting, and slow to anger by using the tools we were taught. It truly changed my life. Thank you.” - Mitch K.


About the Road

We provide life enrichment weekend "adventures" where you will deep dive into your minds, hearts, and souls to find out what is keeping you from being more successful in relationships, at home and at work.

And it's serious hard work along with some serious fun. But the reward is knowing exactly who you are, what your purpose is, freedom from past mistakes and regrets, pure joy, peace and much more! 

The Road Adventure is designed so that you get what you are looking for. We can help you find it.

Our seminars are designed to help each person discover and then achieve what is missing in their life.