Lives Changed

According to Russ and Shelly B. – The words ‘life-changing experience’ tend to be overused. Think about it: if you were to make a list of your total experiences that are truly life changing over the long haul, it’s probably a much shorter list than you might think. The Road was such an experience for Shelly and me. We were going through a difficult time in our marriage and were seeing a relationship counselor. After several sessions, she brought up The Road to us. She very much downplayed the spiritual aspect of the experience deliberately, I believe since this had not been a large part of either of our lives to that point.

We jumped in headfirst and went through sessions one through three.  We have stayed in touch ever since. Spirituality is now not only part of our relationship it is at the center of it! We believe from the bottom of our hearts that The Road not only enhanced our relationship, but it also saved our marriage.

We have recommended The Road to many of our friends, both married and single. Those who have gone have been profoundly impacted, each in his or her own way. Please invest this time in yourself and your relationship. You will not be sorry.

Don K. – I feel I can now move forward with my life, knowing my best days are ahead of me. Fantastic program ─ thank you so much.

Janell F. – I felt dead on the inside when I started Part 1. Today I feel like I have internal fireworks causing all kinds of excitement and life.

Eric and Shanessa C. – The Road helped me as an individual to assess my triggers, needs, and desires. Suffering from PTSD, I needed a way to process these feelings and not brush them under the rug. The Road helped pull those out, identify what were the triggers, and process those. It really came down to the crutch of the whole matter: forgiveness. It exposed the areas of my life still haunting me and helped me to forgive myself and others.

My belief is that The Road would benefit every veteran whether serving in combat or not. It will help them to process the decisions they have had to make. The Road gave me a safe and trusting environment to decompress and let my walls down.

I have been married for twenty-three years and attended over twenty marriage seminars; by far, The Road has made the biggest impact for my wife and I by giving us tools and revealing blind spots that were hurting our relationship. I would trade in all the other marriage seminars to attend The Road - it was that life changing.

Mikaella B.,  – I was able to become a kid again. I can take risks. I can actually live.  I became honest with myself and others and am now living as a woman who is worthy, authentic, and cherished.



Monty and Sharon F. – We  attended Parts 1 through 5 in about a year. We then volunteered at The Road for about ten years: Sharon as a trainer, Monty mainly running sound but also training. From Monty: Before coming to The Road, I struggled with rejection. By going through The Road, I learned to accept myself the way that God accepts me - unconditionally. I discovered that I was not alone.

In Part 4, God’s Word became alive and personal like never before. The tools I learned to use and continue to use, help me be a confident man of God, and I serve Him with passion and purpose. From Sharon: When I came to The Road, I was struggling with several issues: First, re-evaluating my purpose, self-worth and identity after a surgery that left severe nerve damage in my rib cage, leading me to quit my career as an engineer and no longer able to play sports. Plus I was dealing with the anger and fear after growing up with a success-driven alcoholic father, a physically and emotionally abusive brother, and a former boyfriend who stalked me seriously. Fortunately my marriage and spiritual life were good, but even those got dented at times.

The Road was one key piece of the puzzle to basically starting over in life: growing stronger in my faith, pursuing truth, justice and healing for others. It hasn’t been easy, but starting over has brought amazing opportunities: training at The Road, accompanying rape victims to the hospital, helping victims of abuse, establishing an emergency response team and editing a study Bible.

We both agree that the path hasn’t been easy, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world. God has and continues to bless us. We continue to support The Road both financially and in promoting The Road to others whenever we can. We feel this is the real church in action as it was meant to be, meeting people where they are, accepting and helping them down their path toward a better life. Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 are amazing extensions to what has been started by going through Parts 1 and 2. Everyone we know that has gone through The Road has had a positive experience.

Daryl and Jill S. – Before coming to The Road, Daryl and I had been separated for two years. We reconciled the marriage a year prior to attending The Road, but we did not know how to resolve the mountain of issues we had swept under the rug. We were just hoping they would go away. After a year of being back together, the pile tripped us up again.

This time we were both losing hope of ever having a healthy marriage. We couldn’t communicate and were always angry with each other. A friend shared information about The Road with me several months prior and I was now ready to attend. I was ready to “fix” my husband so we could have a good marriage. Little did I realize, many of our issues were also mine, but they were hidden by the mask I was wearing.

I never thought the negative events from my past were affecting me now as an adult. I didn’t think about those things in the past, so how could that be I discovered many unhealthy behaviors and lies I was listening to about myself that were contributing to an unhealthy marriage. After many light bulb moments of truth throughout Parts I, II, & III, we both found freedom from past pain, the truth of who we really are, and we began to see hope.

We have found so much healing in our marriage and continue to use the tools we learned at The Road on a regular basis. Now we have the privilege to share our story and help others that are struggling in their marriage. You can’t give what you don’t have. The Road filled us both up and now we can pour out to each other, our children and the world around us. Whether you are married or single, becoming a whole person allows you to love yourself. Then you can really begin to love others.

Matt and Ronda C. graduated from Part 3 in 2015. For them each power-packed weekend has been an incredible blessing, full of healing and growth. “After several years of being in recovery from a life that involved isolation, sexual compulsive behavior, and running from my emotions and difficult situations, I had found much joy and peace. However, running under the surface were doubt, fear, and a lack of understanding regarding the direction for my life. My career was going nowhere and my spiritual life was inconsistent. This malaise left me rudderless. I felt like I had hit a wall that left me nearly unable to function at work - and gave me a desire to isolate more than I had in years.

I didn’t know what to expect from The Road. I must say that it was the boost that I needed to get past this deep rut in my life. The Road trainers and exercises enabled me to work past emotional barriers and mere intellectual knowledge of spiritual health into a freedom to move forward with purpose. I have confidence, I am not fearful, I am not held back by the old hurts from my past, and I have a new motivation to move forward and do God’s will.” Matt

“I have been in recovery for codependency for over twenty years, so when I first heard about The Road, I was interested but figured it was just another life recovery program. There were still areas of my life with which I struggled. This past year had been particularly difficult as Matt and I were going through some financial hardship.

I was drawn to The Road’s website and after reading the testimonials I thought this might be something different. I felt like God was leading us to The Road, so I told my husband I would like to go and he said to sign us up. I showed up with a lot of hope, but no expectations. Though I didn’t realize it, I had been living my life in the shadow of others, afraid of what others thought of me, and terrified of the future. The Road helped me step out of my comfort zone and really begin to live my life with confidence. I’ve grown much closer to God and feel I now know the purpose that He has for my life.

The Road has given me the tools to help live out that purpose. Best of all, I have new friends and a whole new family!” Ronda

We would like all to know that The Road can and does change lives. We went into the experience hopeful but directionless and depressed. We came out with a new found confidence that God is at work in our lives. We would like to say thank you to The Road for the manner in which it honors our military. We are both US Navy veterans and were truly blessed by the gift of The Road experience. Thank you, and may God continue to bless this valuable ministry.  Matt and Ronda